ERP software is simply an all-in-one technology model, integrating many different applications into modules of a single software package, helping to automate A to Z related activities business resources.

The purpose of ERP software is to create an automated data system that unifies and runs across departments and operations such as purchase management, production management, and human resource management.
A full ERP system will include the following modules:

  • Finance
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Purchase Control
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Service Management
  • Stock Control
  • Tax Reports
  • Management Reporting
  • Control your finances

    When you use an ERP solution, everything related to finance is gathered in one place – a single version across all departments. When a number is changed, all relevant information is automatically calculated and re-displayed, helping to limit negativity in corporate finance.

  • Speed ​​work up

    The larger the business scale is, the more steps it has, and many steps become a complex network. The workflow speed depends on two main factors: whether it is properly determined where the data is to be transferred, and what obstacles are during the transfer.

  •  Minimize errors when many people enter data

    With ERP, data only needs to be entered once by the first person and then stored in one piece on the system. Any other employees in the business has access to this original data, which is not a copy that is “Chinese whispers”. “cutout, not the same as original one”

  • Employee control

    Monitoring of each employee’s working stage is also optimized. Managers only need to be in one place, open the unified ERP interface to be able to hold all the work results of all employees, from the smallest statistics like this morning, what products are sold and how much revenue does it make?

  • Internal Network

    ERP software often integrates internal communication between users of the same system. That is private chat or personal status updates like the way of social networking operation.


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