RentalShop – The clothing rental mobile application (iOS & Android)

1, Introduction

Nowadays, management applications for clothing rental stores are really scarce. Sellers have difficulty in finding a fast, compact and effective management software. Understanding the customers’ needs, we, CEF Consultant Company researched and launched RentalShop application on mobile platforms. You can easily use your phones to manage the store conveniently and quickly.

RentalShop application allows to manage products, rental orders quickly and conveniently wherever you are.
RentalShop application allows to manage products, rental orders quickly and conveniently wherever you are.

Customer information can be searched on iOS and Android with the keyword “RentalShop” or click the following link to enter the Appstore/GooglePlay:



2, Difficulties of the costume rental industry

Many outsiders think managing a clothing rental store is simple but it’s actually not that simple at all. It can be easier for small businesses, but for large one, it is extremely difficult to manage both rental days and employees.

With the traditional way:

  • Invoice management by using paper or a calendar to record customer rental information
  • The staff composing the order find hard to check the calendar and often have to ask the applicant over and over again for details. It is really tiring.
  • Has anyone rented this clothing model yet? how many times? when to return? I can assure you that you have ever rented a double-scheduled clothes, that is, a sample can be rented to many guests for one day. Especially when you go out, this is inconvenient to check.
  • Checking customer’s invoice information is also difficult.

With RentalShop, clothing rental stores can handle it all. You can go out but still manage the work, can still track how many orders a day and can quickly respond to customers about needing samples.

3, The benefits of RentalShop

  • Managing rental work anytime, anywhere

With the convenience of smartphones, it is very easy to keep track of your orders by day, by month without checking paper invoices. The app will display detailed product name, image and product price.

In addition, users can also search by product name, product code fast and conveniently.

  •  Effective invoices and properties management

The app will display order details including: Customer name, rental date, pickup date, notes, and order status. Order statuses will include: Deposited, Renting, Returned, Canceled

When the user creates an order, the app will connect the Bill printer to print out the bill for the customer. No need to use handwritten forms anymore.

Easy to monitor order by customer name, customer phone
Easy to monitor order by customer name, customer phone

Can search for orders quickly when typing customer name, order code and phone number.

  • Easy rental tracking

With RentalShop, you can track the overall monthly number of rental orders per day easily. Orders can be tracked by date as well, which orders are ready to ship

Easy to monitor order by in calendar
Easy to monitor order by in calendar
  • Instant business report

With RentalShop, you can check detailed business results by month, quarter and at the same time by branch with just one click.

Users can view actual and expected revenue by month and by day. Also, users can view actual sales and expected number of orders by month and by day.

The detailed list of rental orders by date can be easily checked.

Montly income
Montly income

Daily income
Daily income

Currently, the software is free for all. For stores that need more accounts, there will be a fee of VND50,000/ month/1 additional account.

The application is suitable for:

  • Performance costume rental shops
  • Clothing rental shops
  • Wedding dress rental shops
  • Equipment rental shops

4, Contact and Request Demo

CEF Consultant is a company specializing in providing management solutions for businesses running on websites and mobile applications.

We have successfully provided solutions including:

  • Human resource management software solution
  • Sales management software solutions for employees
  • Sales agent management software solution

See details of our solutions here:

The RentalShop app is a product of our company. The application is suitable for clothing rental shops, dresses rental shops, general equipment rental shops.

For customers who are individuals or businesses, need a specific solution, please contact us with the following information:

  • Email:
  • Phone /WhatApp/ Zalo: +84 0764774647
  • Website:

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